a difficult Valentine’s day

One of my friends came to school yesterday, limping heavily.  She explained, “I was bad, so Daddy punched me in the leg.”

My assistant teacher, who was the one who greeted our friend off the bus, said later that she nearly threw up, right then and there.  Who hits a preschooler?

We took her to the nurse, where she was examined and given ice packs and treated with love and care, and then I found the social worker to tell her what was going on.  Meanwhile, kids were arriving, I had a mom in the room, and two of my volunteers hadn’t shown up but we had a big party to get ready for.

The social worker called Child Protection, but they declined to do anything that day.  (They will investigate, and will come to school today to talk to the child.)  We had to send her home on the bus at the end of the morning.

She said, “I will go to my room and shut the door and lock it so Daddy can’t come in and punch me.”

I’ve been sick with worry and anger ever since.


4 thoughts on “a difficult Valentine’s day

  1. That’s the way CPS works. Government agencies that do nothing. Sorry you had to deal with that. The only other thing you could have done is call the police to make a child abuse report and they would have gotten a better response from CPS possibly. But your school policy may oppose that, I don’t know. Good luck.

  2. I could of gone my entire life not reading that. My heart breaks for children who aren’t safe in their own home. Can you call the Police, now that you’re at home? Such heartbreak.

  3. This is heart breaking. I am so sorry you had to deal with that on Valentine’s Day. Who punches their child in their leg. This stuff makes me sick to my stomach when I think of all the families who so desperately want children and can’t get pregnant. Sorry. I hope the rest of the week went well.

    • Lolo, keep in mind that these parents love their child. I haven’t met dad, but have talked to him, and he has stuck with his wife and their four little kids. I have met mom, and really like her. They are under tremendous stress (how would any of us act if homeless again, and with four children under the age of 7?) I wish that there was a way to help them with their parenting skills, and their ability to handle stress, but there isn’t. I just have to do the best I can to help their child.

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