March is a little late

….to be getting new students.  One little boy started a few weeks ago, and this is his first experience in school.  He is doing pretty well, actually.  He learned how to walk in a line, how to sit in the meeting area, and how to keep his hands to himself, most of the time.  His academic skills are quite low, as are his communication skills.  I wonder how I am supposed to get him ready for kindergarten in the short time I have left.

Last week we got a new girl, who moved to this country from a refugee camp in another country just 4 weeks ago.  She is very sweet, with a huge smile, but she is confused and working hard to figure out what school is all about.  She has good functional skills — if everyone else does something, she copies them and does it, too — but so far all we’ve heard her say in English is “I need this.”  Another child in class speaks her language, and wonderfully, is mature enough to understand how to translate my questions for her, so that helps.  But how am I supposed to get her ready for kindergarten in the time we have left?

This week I will get a new boy, who is on an IEP.  I will have three special ed students then, instead of the two I am supposed to be limited to.  I know nothing about him, and can only hope his IEP doesn’t have a behavior portion.

This week we have to start doing portfolio assessments for the next round of report cards, and….I wonder if I will be able to get them ALL ready for kindergarten, in the time I have left.


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