I know how to write the letter Q

Not too long ago, the letter of the week was Q.  I introduced it, and then demonstrated how to write it on my big chart paper.  First I wrote capital Q correctly, a few times, and then I showed how to write lowercase q.

“Now I’m going to write it the wrong way.”  I made a few ridiculous-looking capital Q’s and the kids giggled happily.  They enjoyed my “bad” q’s as well.

One little boy (who sits right in front of me because he used to be so excited about school he had to interrupt me about it all the time) started looking worried.  It seemed to make him uncomfortable to see me not be able to write a letter properly.

I said, “Shall I fix this?” and the kids chorused, “Yeah!”

I wrote lowercase q the correct way.

The little boy shouted, “Yay, teacher!  You DID it!”

Those are the little moments that keep me going.


One thought on “I know how to write the letter Q

  1. Learning the letter Q is always fun! When reading a typed worksheet the kiddos I work with were frustrated because the typed lowercase q doesn’t include the tail part which they learned. It makes me wonder why typed lowercase q seems to be missing his tail?

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