zip, zoom, hello, goodbye

Two of my new students are now gone, just like that.  To be honest, my life is easier without them, but still.  ARGH.  Why would you put your child in a preschool class for a month, and then pull him/her out without even saying goodbye?

One family pulled their child out suddenly, saying that he/she was being teased.  They never talked to me, never called the school, just pulled the child.  A social worker called the school to let the school secretary know.  I talked to the Princess, and she sighed.  If parents say there is bullying going on but never contact the school to let them know, then there is nothing we can do to make it better.  She said that sometimes she gets asked, “why didn’t you do anything to address the incident?” but how can she, if she never knew that it happened?!  We asked one of our interpreters to call the family and ask them to come in to talk about what happened, but I haven’t heard if she ever reached them.

The other child was pulled because his family moved.  That is fairly common among low-income families, unfortunately.  They never called me to tell me, though, just pulled him out.

It frustrates me that the parents think so little of school, of me, of their child’s friends, that they wouldn’t even think to let us say goodbye.  And the child’s things at school just go in the garbage, because, you know, the work children do at preschool is so unimportant.

On the bright side, Little One is calmer, the sun is shining, and the class is a more manageable size.


One thought on “zip, zoom, hello, goodbye

  1. I’m afraid that thinking little of school is another characteristic of low income families, unfortunately. Maybe they had to move quickly because they were evicted. The parent should have spoken to you, certainly. Very frustrating.

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