the checklist: what we are supposed to learn

Yesterday during morning meeting I commented on how well the kids have done with learning the alphabet.  “That was your job this year, and you did it!”

Then a very serious boy raised his hand and said, “did we do all that stuff up there?”

“What stuff, honey?”

He pointed to the list above our bulletin board.  “That stuff.”

I turned, and looked, and said, “well, let’s see.”  I started to read the items on the list.  “Write your name.  Do you know how to do that?”

“Yes!” chorused the class.

“Name body parts?  Name capital letters, and lowercase letters?  Numbers to 10?  Count to 31?  Count to 100?” and so on.  We went through the whole list, and found that we had accomplished all of it.  (Okay, with some exceptions concerning children with special needs.)

A boy who came to my class in September with nothing but enthusiasm and an inability to stop interrupting me called out, “That’s because we are so smart!”

Yes, honey, you are.  You all are so smart.


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