Plotting and planning; new school supplies

I went to Target and Office Max today, to hit their current sales.  (Hurry in — at Office Max composition notebooks are only 50 cents each, although you can only buy 5, and at Target spiral notebooks are about 37 cents each, with composition notebooks around 75 cents apiece.)

I bought 20 red composition notebooks for my students’ journals.

For the first few months of the year, at arrival time the children go to the tables where I have set out trays and tubs of manipulatives.  By January, however, arrival time is journal time, and they sit and write and/or draw one page in their notebook each day.  The past few years, I’ve had green composition notebooks, because my classroom was all greens and blues, and green was the color for the morning class.  Now that we are redecorating with red and turquoise and other bright colors, I decided to switch to red composition books.  I also bought 20 red spiral notebooks, to be used as the childrens’ Beautiful Books (our memory books).

I found washi tape on sale, and picked up some of that.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with it, but I’m sure Pinterest will give me some good ideas.  This is not my picture (I found it here), but these are the exact rolls I bought.

Summer is a good time to work on school projects, so I brought home a file basket full of files with themes we will be doing next year.  I am starting to switch over to theme binders, and so I’ve got a few binders already, but they are kind of expensive.  If anyone has recommendations about how or when to get inexpensive 1 inch binders with display covers, I am all ears.

Here’s a photo of the theme binders idea, from Mrs. Terhune’s blog:

Pretty cool, huh?  And now you know why I need more binders!


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