It’s over

I sat outside on my neighbor’s lawn tonight, chatting with and meeting newcomers to the neighborhood (the two young women in the rental across the street are both teachers!), drinking wine, and relaxing in the cool breeze.  But tomorrow I go back to work, even if unofficially (read:  unpaid), and so my summer draws to a close.

There’s something really sad about the end of summer, especially the end of sleeping in.  I never get enough sleep the whole school year.  On the other hand, my car is loaded up with cool stuff, much of it inspired by things I saw on Pinterest, and I’m excited to meet with the afternoon teacher and decorate our room.  It’s going to be bright and spiffy.  And I really do love what I do.

I just feel like I’m going to be having mood swings up and down for the next three weeks…..


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