The First Day Report

It’s funny teaching with other adults in the room; they are watching you!  This rarely bothers me, but today I feel like my new assistant teacher and my new Americorps volunteer got to see me starting to lose my cool.  Which is embarrassing.

It was a good day, actually; it just got tough right at the end.

I opened the door right on time, feeling prepared.  The kids started streaming in, and everyone was smiling except for one poor little guy, who sobbed.  His mother said, “He wouldn’t get on the bus, so I had to drive him.”  She handled him well, and was willing to leave when it was time.  He sat at the table with the dinosaurs (every table had manipulatives at it) and cried.  He didn’t want hugs, or to sit on my lap.  He just wailed, “I want to be home with my Mommy and Daddy!”

Another little boy came over, and said in his halting English, “play dinosaurs?”  He patted the crier on the shoulder, sweetly.  But by the time morning meeting came around, my crier was quiet.

They were good during morning meeting, and I managed to go through some rules and routines, plus calendar time.  They loved it when I read Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!, as I always do on the first day.  Unfortunately, when I, as the Pigeon, lost it and said “LET MEEEE DRIVE THE BUSSS!” I waved my head around too much and my headache came back.  Ah well.

They loved gym class, but when I came to pick them up (my no-longer-crying boy said, “You’re going to come back and get us, right?”), I had a new cryer.  He kept sobbing for his sister, who had walked him to class at the start.  Also, the dinosaur boy, cute as ever, was running wild in the gym, along with another cutie-pie.

I brought them back up for another story, and then we went outside.  Big mistake.  We didn’t have enough time, and they had hardly any time to play.  Then when I blew my whistle to line up none of them heard me.  It was hot, and I started sweating through my shirt, trying to find kids and get them in line, and trying to get them to stay there.  This was when I started to lose my cool every so slightly….

With help from the Princess, we got out to the buses.  Then I realized that I had lost one boy’s bus tag, and we didn’t know which bus to put him on.  Yes, I, the teacher, did that.  Argh!

When the buses pulled away, they were twenty minutes late and I was drenched in sweat.

I went home and fell asleep on the couch.  Tomorrow it could be 100, our school is unairconditioned, recess has already been canceled, and we have no specialist, so I have no prep.  I think I better go to bed now so I can get in early and get ready!


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