The Second Day is So Much Better

I did wake up with another migraine, but it went away and hasn’t come back.  My morning crier came back, and true to his word, wasn’t scared, and didn’t cry at all.  He even rode the bus to school with no troubles.  My end-of-the-morning crier, on the other hand, started crying as soon as his sister left him in our room, and he cried on and off for the rest of the morning.  When he wasn’t crying, he was talking non-stop to my assistant teacher, who is fluent in Spanish.  Later she said he might have OCD, because he would obsess about one little thing after another.  (“I want to go home.  I want my mommy and daddy.  Is it time for the bus?  Can I go home on the bus now to my mommy and daddy?  What bus do I get on?  Does my teacher know what bus is mine?  I live at number four.  Does the bus driver know that?  Is it on my bus tag?  Does it say four?  Do you know?  Can we go look at my bus tag right now?  It needs to say four.  Does it say four?”  and so on.)  But even he had a few quiet, content moments.

Everyone seems like they understand at least some of what I’m saying, which is impressive, since only three of my students are native English speakers.  They are already starting to learn how to walk in a line, without seeming like I’m trying to herd puppies.  They are learning to ask “can I get some water?” instead of just walking out of the room, and they are learning a little bit about how to clean up, how to wash hands, and where the bathroom is.

They are sweet, and they are lovely, and they are mine.  It will be another good year.

We had time for a nice long recess, which they loved, and they got in line much more quickly this time.  When we went in, one boy’s mother walked along with us.  One of the other boys, realizing she must speak Spanish, started chatting to her.  I asked for a translation, and she said, “He says I should see the class, it is very beautiful.  And clean.”  That put a smile on my face.

Our classroom is very beautiful.  And clean.


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