Pete the Cat (and a Prep Period) Save the Day

Today was better.  The weather was perfect — cool in the morning, sunny and not too hot later — and I had a prep period while the children were at gym, so that helped a lot.  I only have preps Monday and Wednesday this quarter, so last week with no school on Labor Day I only had one prep in four days.  That was tough.

This morning I came in early, again, and was able to get a lot done to get ready for the day.  We read the original Pete the Cat book at morning meeting, and as I thought they would, the children loved it.  We all sang along…”I love my red shoes, I love my red shoes, I love my red shoes, I love my red shoes.”  And in honor of Red Week — and in honor of Pete — I had on my red converse sneakers today.  Most of the class was wearing red, so that was a sign that the parents do actually read my newsletter and class calendar.

My 19th student finally showed up, on the 8th day of school.  This child has special needs, and some special family circumstances, so I was glad to have the last little one here.  The child did pretty well, too.

The class is finally learning our routines, and things went pretty smoothly for once.  I went home sleepy, but not exhausted, which was a nice change.


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