My New Cast of Characters

This has been, as I’ve mentioned, a slightly more difficult start to the school year than I’ve had in recent years.  However, it feels like it’s about me rather than the kids.  This class is very sweet, with no major behavior problems, unlike last year.  I think it’s time to start introducing you to them.  (I will be naming them after colors this year.)

First off is Royal Blue.  He is confident, happy, and melodramatic.  He is quite fond of me already, and has kissed me at least twice.  (Both times I had my arm on the table, sitting next to him, and he impulsively leaned forward and kissed my arm.)  I’ve talked to him about the “no kissing at school” rule, and he is trying to remember it, but yesterday he flung his arms around me and almost kissed me on the neck.  I love it that he is so affectionate, but we have to work on that.

Here’s an exchange I had with him last week on the playground:

Me:  Evergreen, why are you crying?

Evergreen (in Spanish):  He wouldn’t play with me!

Me:  Royal, why wouldn’t you play with Evergreen?

Royal (in Spanish):  Because my dad is dead.  (sad face)

Me:  Honey, that is not true, and that is not why you didn’t play with him.

Both boys ran off before I could go on, and I started giggling.  Some days Royal tells me that his mom is in the hospital and going to die, and then she stops by the next day to pick up some paperwork, and she is as healthy and vital as ever.

Evergreen, meanwhile, is a serious, happy boy who always follows the rules and is always doing the right thing.  He’s pretty awesome.



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