preparing for the Valentine’s Day party

We would have our party on the 14th, as usual, but I will be at a training all day, so our party is this Friday.

I have had trouble with getting inundated with food at previous parties, even though my sign-up sheets were always very clear about who was signed up for what, so I don’t want to deal with that again.  Then last week for the 100th day of school party, parents got all confused about the 100 day collections, the treats for the 100th day party (small foods like chocolate chips so we could eat 100 snacks!), and the upcoming Valentine’s day party.  I got things like cookies and Doritos last week, which I hung onto for this week.

I’m also collecting $1.00 from every child.  (So far my total intake is $3.00.  Sigh.)  I will turn that in to the office to go in the “preschool fund,” and then will get reimbursed for the cookies, conversation hearts, milk, and fruit that I will buy.

At the party we will use laminated heart sheets to sort and count conversation hearts at one table.  At another, we will use heart stamps and paint to make hats.  At another, we will decorate our treat bags with stickers.  At the writing center, we will keep on making valentines for each other.  I just need one more activity.

After centers time, we will have a story while my assistants/volunteers set up the tables, and then we will eat our treats.  During the morning, I will take kids out into the hall to put their valentines and goodies in their classmates’ treat bags.

So I feel sort of ready.

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