digital lesson planner for iPad

Dragonflies in First has an editable lesson planner which I bought last year.  I loved it, but ended up giving up on using it because it was inconvenient only having it on my computer.  (If I printed it out, it was inevitably edited by hand or added onto, and then the computer version was no longer the most up to date version.)  Also, last year I was so tired that I almost never had my lesson plan for the week complete by Monday morning.  I switched back to using a book, and then ended up sort of treading water and managing to stay just a few hours ahead.  Sigh.

Now she has a version for the iPad, and I am intrigued by the idea.  I have an iPad now, and would love to have my lesson plans on it, because the iPad is lightweight, goes anywhere, is easy to hold (sometimes I have my planner in front of me when I’ve got the kids in the meeting area), and can go from school to home and back again with no troubles.

So, has anyone tried it?  Anyone interested in trying it and reporting back to me on how it worked in a real-life classroom?  I’d love to go paperless, and this would be one giant step in that direction.


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