Getting ready for Open House….

…is really hard.  The room is coming along great, but it’s also still a mess, with tons left to do.  I keep madly scribbling down items on my to-do list, so even when I cross some off, I put more on.  Yesterday I spent the morning in meetings, then worked on the room in the afternoon with my new Americorps volunteer.  Today there was a meeting in the morning that I skipped, so that I could work in the room.  If I worked only mornings, I would do nothing but go to meetings, and the room would never get done!

Today we painted two ugly shelves turquoise to go with the color scheme, and hung up some great Mexican party banners, and put up a great word wall with washi tape.  I forgot my camera, so pictures of all these things will have to wait at least until tomorrow.


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