holiday gifts for teachers

I’ve done this post before, but it’s worth doing again.  If you are thinking about getting something for your child’s teacher, you probably want to hear some ideas, so that you won’t feel like you wasted either your time or your money.  So here are my two cents.

What not to give: 

  • tchotchkes (sorry, we will just give them to Goodwill)
  • cutesy, “clever” handmade items (it’s not worth your time and effort)
  • food, unless you know for certain it’s something he/she likes

What to give instead:

  • gift certificates to coffee shops in the area of the school
  • gift certificates to bookstores
  • gift certificates to Target or teacher stores (acknowledging that teachers spend a ton of their own money on your children, and every little bit helps)
  • a note from you or your child saying thank you, and why you appreciate this teacher

So forget Pinterest.  Stop pinning cute ideas for teacher gifts!  Make your life easier by just picking up a thoughtful gift card.  Or don’t — you don’t need to give anything at all.  Just write him or her a heartfelt note to say thank you.  Your child’s teacher will probably treasure that note for years.

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